Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) is a smooth-talking doll who falls in love with a Barbie. He wears light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves. His accessories include matching ascot, sensible loafers and a fashion-forward gold belt. He hates being called a "girl's toy", and doesn't get why the other members of Lotso's gang call him that. He lives in Ken's Dreamhouse, a big yellow doll house with three stories, and an elevator. By the end of the film, his love for Barbie causes him to revolt against Lotso. In the end credits of the film, he and Barbie are seen greeting new toys at Sunnyside as the new toy leaders of the daycare. He resembles a real doll from 1988 called Animal Lovin' Ken.

He is hinted to be effeminite, as his handwriting is initially mistook for Barbie's, and includes large pink cursive and many hearts and smiley faces. Also, when the bookworm sees Barbie (disguised as, and who the bookworm thinks is, Ken) wearing high heels, he simply says "eesh" and walks off, not even doing a double take. Also, many other characters call him a girl's toy or a walking accessory.

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