Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head
is Mr. Potato Head's wife and female counterpart. Although mentioned as one of Molly's Christmas presents near the end of the first movie, she isn't seen until Toy Story 2. At the beginning of the film, her husband has found her lost earring. Before her husband leaves with Buzz and his troops, she stores his "extra pair of shoes and angry eyes" into his back compartment. She also warns the toys by saying "Don't talk to any toy you don't know!". At the end of the film, Mrs. Potato Head and her husband become adoptive parents of the three Squeeze Toy Aliens that Andy's toys has found in the Pizza Planet truck, rescued, and brought home. In Toy Story 3, she leaves one of her eyes behind at Andy's house when they are donated to Sunnyside daycare. She is the one who tells the toys it truly was an accident that they were almost thrown away. She is saved from death in an incinerator by her children, and much to her delight, her husband finally accepts the Aliens as their children. She recovers her missing eye before she and the toys are donated to Bonnie

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